Bolo's Dynamic BJJ DVD

Is this any good? I'm wrestling over the urge to get the DVDs since there is a sale going on. I am set on getting Ultimate Guard Passing and Back Escapes, what about Dynamic BJJ????

It is good but his instructionals are better. Unfortunatley you don't get to see Mike's top game (which I would have liked) as the skinny dude is always on the bottom.

If your not a beginning, it's actually one of the best since you can pick up countless tips and little details that, unless you have a) access to a black belt b) who is willing to show you c) properly, which is *extremely* rare, you can't get elsewhere. If you're attentive and can learn visually, I have a feeling stuff like this can shave months if not more off your learning process.

(hopefully there'll be more, and not just from Bolo).

It is not your traditional type of instructional. If you are just interested in the standard instructional in which the instructor is demonstrating and teaching techniques, this DVD is not for you.

Dynamic BJJ is not an instructional video but I found it to be as useful as one! Great concept and great DVD!

It's good but I did not like it as much as his other stuff.

You will... You will...

I think it is great

i really like the dynamic dvd. it's like looking into the mind of a high level grappler against another high level grappler. it's amazing to see the subtle little things joe does when he grapples these guys. and if you have questions of mike's skill, watch him grapple joe. mike has some nice sweeps...but joe's recovers so well...

What's impressive about Bolo is that he grapples other bb's using the same stuff he shows in his instructionals.

A great DVD. Take advantage of the sale! I would love to see more Dynamic BJJ dvd's.

Some people are interested in that style of instruction and some are not. It's OK if some people don't like it as much. It's understandable as it is not the traditional method of instruction.

I found that I used a lot of things that I saw in the dynamic dvd. very nice concept on instructionals.

Tru dat

The biggest value in Dynamic Bjj for me was just getting a glimpse into how a black belt thinks. I personally like to have a goal or game plan laid out before me so I have something to work towards. Getting an idea of what level of technical sophistication a black belt should be working on is very valuable from my perspective. As far as learning specific techniques go the standard instructionals are more useful. I do think that progress in bjj has to go beyond the mere accumulation of techniques so this dvd works on a more cerebral level.