Bolo's hip bump details....

def have helped to make the move better! Its amazing how it helps to start breaking down posture (starting w the hands collapsing to the elbow collapse), making it easier to pull off. I was even able to teach this to a 50+yr old and he was able to hit the move finally on me (when previously he had to always try to muscle the move on people, even though he did the move as he was taught, he still had to put some power into it). This is def the type of stuff that makes jiu-jitsu start to become effortless. was good stuff!!!

I was drilling it tonight. I like having all those details on a video so I can watch it until it sinks through my thick skull. Looking forward to the next one.

its a movement I have to try to incorporate into all attack sequences too as it all links back together.

what are you guys talking about?

Jorx - what are you guys talking about?

Check here.

ttt for Jorx.

ttt. This is gold gold!!! Thanks Bolo.