Bolsonaro flees brazil: currently staying at jose aldos florida home

How does this guy have an in with multiple high profile Brazilian MMA figures?

Why did he flee? Last I heard was that the military had his back

most brazillian mma guys are bolsonaro supporters: wanderlei, multiple gracies, aldo, et alia


He didn’t flee

That is some editorializing by the OP

He left the country probably because seeing his opponent taking power is very upsetting

The article says he is on vacation

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It only takes one CIA agent to off him… and the resources they have as a black ops is bottomless. The assassination attempts will never stop if they want to kill him.

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Aldo has shitty taste in movie posters

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Lula is to be the new Zelensky.Soon billions of your tax$ will be given to him under the guise of climate change (rainforest). This is why the US meddled in Brazil’s election and the UN approved billions for climate reparations. Has nothing to with the rain forest.


Both Pitbulls. Patricio made it clear post fight the fight before Kleber one on NYE.

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Voting Democratic National Committee GIF by The Democrats

Bolsonaro was what it took to end the decades-long Gracie/Luta Livre/Chute Boxe bloodfeud.

The man is a legend!

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DaGrinder’s ex girlfriends?

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