Bonds: 700/.400/.600

Which is he most likely to do this year?

700 lifetime HR's

.400 batting average

.600 OBP

I say the 600, the rest of the lineup is so weak that he is going to get walked even more than ever. I think he has a great shot at hitting 400. I don't think he'll get enough AB's to get to 700 this year, but he'll be damn close

I would go with the .600 OBP, because of the reasons you mentioned.


700 will be the one he comes closest to or surpasses. He'll be hitting below .330 by year end.

The only question about Bonds is

Steroid, HGH, or both?

Same with a lot of players in MLB HK, but nobody is putting up similar numbers. I definately feel that this age is a black mark on the sport, but the numbers are still impressive.

I saw a clip of Bonds a few years ago, man he looked my size back then. I hope I can get as big and strong as him someday, and if I have to juice then I sure hope my trainer doesn't tell me about it, I'll just keep injecting my "creatine", it absorbs better that way anyhow.

well joey if you seriously work at it everyday i'm sure you can get that's not like he's arnold during his mister olympia days he's just bigger than he was when he was 18

...and when he was 22, and when he was 27, and when he was 32......


Yeah, I was mainly just making a joke about how big he is and how fast he got that way, without ever taking steroids lol

I would be extremely impressed if he did hit .400 though, steroids can turn routine fly balls into homeruns, but I don't really see any correlation between massive arms and being able to consistently hit major league pitching.

I think Bonds took roids, but that aside I'm a naturally lean guy like Bonds and I put on 30+ lbs in 6 months while bulking up. My only supps were MRP, Protein shake, and creatine. I work a 9-5 too. These guys are pro-athletes. I'm sure Bonds could have bulked up naturally if he wanted to.

Fair enough.

So what excercises would YOU do to increase the size of your head in your 30's?

mmmmh loads and loads of suppliments.

how come no one ever wants to talk about the 15 pounds he added in his first 3 season in pittsburgh? or the 3 inches he added to his arms at that time? the guy has continually gotten bigger since he was in highschool...and as anybody will tell you the male body can continue to build body mass into it's 50's if hard work is put in

everyones head size increases as they age, look it up. I was watching ESPN classics the other day and caught the BB story. They were showing footage and the announcers were raving about Barry's home run power, AS A ROOKIE.

bonds should have kept his jerry curls

Everybody knows that the amount of jerry juice is inversely proportional to your ability to hit the baseball. notice when guys get rid of the JC, they start hitting and pitching better.




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