Bonds better than Gwynn?

Is Bonds currently a better hitter than Tony Gwynn was in his best years? Power numbers & walks aside. It's hard to compare them IMO but it is interesting to think about.

Gwynn sprayed the ball everywhere. Struckout a very low number of times. Probably the greatest modern pure hitter.

Will Bonds hit .400? He gets so few pitches to hit and walks so much. He may hit .400. If he does is he the greatest hitter ever? Give me some of your thoughts.

When Tony Gwynn says Barry is a better hitter, it's tough to argue against that. But I hate Barry Bonds SO MUCH, and I like Tony Gwynn, so I'm tempted to try.

Even if he does hit .400 this year, it will be tough to call him the greatest hitter ever. His career average is still below .300 after all, and he's never really come close to 200 hits in a season, even though he hasn't struck out 100 times since his rookie year. He's not as "patient" as most people give him credit for, but is "selective" if that makes any sense. He gets his pitch and goes after it, whether it's 1-0 or 0-2. 250 of his home runs have come on the first or second pitch of the at-bat. Gwynn would foul off pitch after pitch after pitch until you left one over the outer half, then he'd just poke it between third and short.

I'd take Bonds if I was putting together a team because I think he'd help more, but Gwynn is a better pure hitter IMO.

"When Tony Gwynn says Barry is a better hitter, it's tough to argue against that."

Didn't know that, but Gwynn being the type of guy he is it doesn't surprise me. He wouldn't toot his own horn.

And Deeder - I mean right now. Is Bonds today a better hitter than Gwynn in his prime?

I agree with Eddie.

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I'm a big Barry Bonds fan.


Gwynn was a better hitter.

right now, i dont think that there is a more feared hitter than bonds...and i am speaking historically....

of course i wasnt around when babe ruth was playing, or williams, but the amount of pitches that bonds gets, compared to the amount that he swings at is absolutely ridiculous

heres an interesting stat, bonds has swung at and missed only seven pitches all season

over the course of his career, he wasnt the greatest hitter, but in his later years he has perfected the swing, knowing what to look at and not using any extra motion


Think about this - Babe Ruth hit in front of Lou Gehrig who I think is the best 1B of all time. Amazing hitter.

What if Bonds hit 3rd & the guy hitting behind him his whole career was almost as feared and a first ballot hall of famer?

yeah..i'm a huge Bonds fan and a huge pirates fan...unfortunately For Bonds and the pirates Bonds was used horribly the first 2 or 3 years. they were trying to make bonds a leadoff hitter instead of a pure all of his batting instruction was to swing the other way and smack line drives ala wade boggs however that wasn't his strength as Jim Leyland later found out and started hitting him down inthe his lifetime stats are going to be scewed because of what pittsburgh did to him...

also i would say Gwynn is the best contact hitter of all time...but not the best hitter. Bonds is only in competition with Williams for the best pure hitter of all time.

"Bonds is only in competition with Williams for the best pure hitter of all time."

And Babe Ruth.

"Bonds is only in competition with Williams for the best pure hitter of all time."

Define "pure hitter".

I think of a pure hitter as somebody who hits for a high average without power being a factor one way or the other year after year.

I'd say Gwynn is a better pure hitter than Bonds just for the simple fact that his lifetime BA is over 30 points better. Even Boggs was a better pure hitter than Bonds IMO.

But RIGHT NOW Bonds is probably a better hitter than Gwynn was in his prime.