boneless chicken breast recipes?

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I do a quick chicken dish when I feel lazy. Season thre breast with season salt or rub of choice. Sear in butter in a large iron skillet, deglaze pan with 1 cup white wine, add cream of mushroom soup 1-2 cans depending on amount of chicken add water to until breast are covered cook on low-medium heat. Make some jasmine rice while you wait for the breast to cook through. Serve chicken over rice. I'll use a can of cream of celery with the mushroom soup sometimes too. Phone Post 3.0

....Probably not as healthy as you'd like though. Phone Post 3.0

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Gibbonator - Sous vide that chicken. Just buy a thermometer and have some ice to cool the temp down. Phone Post 3.0

you can come on here and ask about beef jerky or ice cream and you will get the "Sous Vide Guy" chiming in.. lol



this so much, I was thinking exactly this as my eyes were rolling lol

Marinade them in this

since we are all chiming in, butter and cracked pepper on cast iron, add the chiken. flip once seared, insert in oven at 350 till done. Phone Post 3.0

Straydog24 - You will like this one Jay Phone Post 3.0


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Straydog24 - You will like this one Jay Phone Post 3.0

Love this guy. This is one of his better ones, too!

Here is what I do for a weeks worth of easy lunches-

Dice up 5-7 chicken breasts
Add a little olive oil to pan
Add chicken and mushrooms (already sliced mushroom u get at the store)
Then season with garlic salt/parsley
Cook until done 10-15 minutes

Store in a Tupperware should be enough for all week-

Then at lunch time heat up a portion but add a tablespoon of blue cheese. Cheese will melt around chicken and mushrooms then put it on top of fresh spinach.

U will love it and it's super easy and cheap - 5 lunches for 9-12$ Phone Post 3.0

Here you go

i ordered this.

Famous Daves have some good marinades. Phone Post 3.0

I rub a little olive oil on mine. Add salt and pepper and cover in smoked paprika.

Put in oven for 20mins at 200 celsius.

Easy as pie. Take it to work with some steamed veg. Phone Post 3.0

Bit of olive oil and montreal chicken spice in the oven
Takes 30 seconds to prepare
30 minutes to cook Phone Post 3.0