Bonello vs Grubb

I am not posting this to bash anyone. Tony is 5-0 and has made, through his promoter, a number of big challenges. Trav is 2-0 and has fought here and easily won both times. Along with that he has legitimate grappling credentials having placed 2nd in the World Cup as a blue belt, and then won the ADCC trials in his weight class although was unable to attend due to knee surgery.

Their records are not dissimilar, they fight at the same weight normally - 83kg and to be honest I don't think anyone else in the country has what it takes ot beat trav at that weight. I'm not a promoter, or even a manager so don't ask me to make it happen etc. But it seems ot me plenty of people in Oz would pay to watch it at the next shooto event.

Why Shooto? Because its the only promotion at the moment with direct link to a bigger event - Shooto Japan. With huge posibilities for TV coverage, paydays and future fights.

Would anyone else like to see it?

Great match.

Fantastic Match up

I would like to see this happen.

Nice idea Andrew. That'd be a great match to watch.

Great Matchup .

interesting match-up.... Great idea

Perhaps John may offer the match to Tony, if the money is right I couldn't see a problem. I'd like to see Travers fight Danny HIGGINS' Luke PIKLUM or Luke PEZUTTI.


Travers vs Danny, Luke or Luke would be awesome too.


Danny is 84kg, Luke and Luke are both 77kg. I think Travers fights under 83kg in shooto. He looked like he'd go 170lb/77kg though.


Luke Picklum and Luke Pezutti would also be good match-ups as Justin suggested.

Luke Pezutti hasn't been beaten in MMA has he? What's his record now? Is he still fighting?

I apologise - I'm not a huge fan of the sport. I know some fighters by name or reputation or because I've seen them in the last two shooto shows here in melbourne. I don't the guys you've listed so didn't name them.

But as I said in my first post I haven't seen anyone who can beat him at that weight in australia and i'll happily include in that guys I have never seen nor heard of. Again, I'm not trying to start trouble, just calling it like I see it.

The only drawback I can see is that Travers doesn't have a business to put up as collateral...(Ok, that last bit was trolling...)


d Richard BUHRMANN


d Kelly JACOBS

*Luke broke a few metacarpals Vs Kelly JACOBS and will return to defend his XFC Welterweight title later this year.

PIKLUM is in Thailand with Liam and Adam and will be at XFC4 he should return to fighting very soon.

HIGGINS will fight Joey VILLASENOR who just total class on XFC4.

I think the best match for Travers next up would be V Andrew DEVITT or a seasoned fighter like COOPER.


Grubb vs Devitt was discussed prior to the last Shooto but Andrew couldn't fight due to ongoing work commitments.

Would have been an excellent match.



Luke and Adam are in thailand just not with me haha, dont know where they are.

Luke vs Travis would be awesome.

Thank God that they are not with you in thailand.

I like the idea of that match up.

Would be a pretty cool fight.


I don't think you'd ever see trav at 77kg for two reasons: 1) another fighter from the same camp fights at that weight - Cris brown, and 2) he's still so young he'll gain weight over the next few years, not lose it. He's gained about 10kg in the last 3-4 years and will probably gain another 4-5kg by the time he's late 20's.

Hey guys, not trying to start trouble just presenting a few facts regarding previous attempts to match fights for travers.

Danny higgins has been offered 3 fights, 2 with cris brown 1 with travers grubb. All 3 fights were declined for various reasons.

Andrew devitt was scheduled to fight travers on the last NHB card, but pulled out 1 week after agreeing to fight due to work commitments.

Luke pezutti has a broken hand, luke picklum is in thailand. Adam kayoum sp? was offered the fight also but never returned the call.

Keeping all this in mind who else at travers weight division is there. On paper travers opponent looked like he would be a challenge.

With a little luck one of these guys (or maybe matt cooper) will step up to the plate for the next NHB show.

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Adam KAYOOM needs a reco.

COOPER V's anyone is always an interesting match, keep in mind Matt also fights under 80kg but would fight under 77kg ideally.

Perhaps Tim THOMAS may be an option at 83kg (shooto weight) He is definately proven.

Travers debut win over Kelly JACOBS is a very good accolade for his bio. He made short work of journeyman Nick TELEWSKI, hopefully his career will progress from here. I have heard nothing but praise for the kid from people that know what they are talking about, unbiased people too.