Bones vs. Silva inevitable

I don't see how it can be avoided and think that we are steadily meandering in that direction. Spider keeps testing 205 and stays dominant. 205 guys drop to 185 and get demolished by Silva.

I feel that Silva would win the striking battle but Jones would be dominant on the ground. Personally, I would love to see this WAY more than GSP versus Bones. It would be a great match up!

BTW, I envision this happening at 205.

I've never seen this thread before, do go on. Phone Post

MagnumPeeEye - BTW, I envision this happening at 205.

I hope so.
Silva Fears the Beard

Fear the Beard Anderson, Fear the Beard!

Would look alot like Jones vs Shogun , Jones vs Vera , Jones vs Vitor , Jones vs Rampage , Jones vs Rashad , Jones vs Machida .... well by now you get the point.<br /><br />I have a real strange feeling that Bonnar might actually be more of a fight against Silva than we would imagine. <br /><br />Jones on top would drop the elbows on Silva the same way he drops the elbows on everyone. Silva would end up on his back 9/10 times. There is the major problem. <br /><br />Someone that can put Jones on his back & keep him down for a while ..... Now that will be interesting if that happens.