Bonnar Back At UFC 73

Stephan Bonnar speaks on his July 7 return...

Bonnar Back At UFC 73

Because, like Josh Barnett et al, he made a mistake and is trying to make a comeback.

Has it been nine months already? wow.

honestly never been a big Bonnar fan, his fights can be entertaining, but he doesnt appeal to me in any way personally.

Up top for Bonnar. Good luck with the comeback.

Welcome back American Psycho!

Zuffa should put him in the WEC.

Great to see Bonnar back at it. He never made any excuses, knew he screwed up and he is a very good fighter.

He is fighting in JUNE from MMA weekly

likely venue: Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida

-Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout
-Drew McFedries vs. Jordan Radev
-Stephan Bonnar vs. Mike Nickels
-Luigi Fioravanti vs. Forrest Petz

If you read the backstory his steroid use is not as bad as most people think.

no one really cares. his 15 minutes are up.

catchy 1212 is obviously perfect and has never made a mistake or decision that he/she regretted

Roids or not, he's done nothing impressive since his wild brawl with Griffin. I don't care to watch him again, nor do I think he should be on the card and it has nothing to do with steroids

Churla well you're not the matchmaker....He is fighting again and he's in the UFC   get over it

whether you agree with it or not, he has a W against a contender in Jardine and, whether you agree with it or not, lost a razor thin decision to Forrest in the UF finale. He is a legitimate fighter that made a bad decision and deserves to fight in the big show.

stop the hate beeeeeyatch!

he lost to Forrest and Jardine imo.

Yelm is correct

Every Steroid does something different.Alot of people on here are ignorant of that too.They think all of them make you big,strong,angry,ripped out etc.

The particular steroid Bonnar was taking helps in healing injuries.The guy was broken down and offered the Forrest Griffin fight.Instead of saying "No" and taking some time off to let his injuries heal he took the fight.

"no one really cares. his 15 minutes are up."

I concur with this statement.