Bonnar goes berserk at hospital

Hilly Billy heroin you say?


Crack is whack.

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That boy has issues


That was unexpected. Why on Earth would he release that video of himself?

Got quite a few chuckles out of it though haha. Does that make me a bad person?

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Substance abuse issues, judging by that video

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despite Bonnar being a complete idiot. if this hospital is public… which I believe it is… you are allowed to film in public… didn’t watch the whole video but the nurse that said hippa… that’s their job to protect sensitive Information… not the public… they are trained on it… the public is not. I watch first amendment videos all day on YouTube lol…

I don’t know this situation however.

you have a right to film anywhere the public is allowed to go. as long as it isn’t restricted areas.

policy does not trump the 1st amendment. A library can say no filming… if it’s public… and accessible… you can film all day.


Filming in a hospital is public interest vs right to privacy, and the right to privacy when injured is a bigger concern. Imagine having people filming in an ER for YouTube views.

He can’t win an argument to film in a hospital.


Bonnar does seem he has issues.

Last year he filmed a similar video of himself getting kicked out of a private gym, for not wearing a mask.

He was involved with Diego and Fabia, and he was the one who recorded Fabia berating Paul Felder and the others. It seemed he was on Fabia’s side.

Also, do you remember, way back on TUF 1. Bonnar actually climbed out the bathroom window, and escaped the house, to go to the store to get some booze.

Hope he is ok. Sounds like he is in a spot though.


there is no expection of privacy when in public. if the hospital is run by private than you cannot film. it’s a shitty thing to do but 1st amendment auditors usually film in post offices and govt buildings. health dept is usually a big one too. but it’s not against the law to film in govt, state buildings. not defending Bonnar here…he is a nutcase. just stating the laws and the right in film.

if you get arrested and you didn’t break any laws, you could win an easy lawsuit if you actually went with it. that’s how these 1st Ad. auditors win big bucks.

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I rewatch season one last week on ESPN+ and did not see this.

I will fine it!

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I think I remember it from one of those reunion shows. Where they all got together and told stories, say three, or five years, after the show.

Yeah there was a vid with bonner and griffin and they were opposite each other in like a dinner style seating and reminiscing about the show

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Yeah I’m thinking he’s on something or he has a mental illness. I could only watch the first half of the vid.

I think that Griffin fight finally catching up to the old ticker in his head.

It’s appears that he has opiod issues from watching that video. Doctors used to write scripts for that shit like it was candy and got many people hooked on them.


You know it’s bad when Diego is the voice of reason.
Stay off them pills kids!


That’s sad

Someone is out of pills and needs a fix so he’s making the rounds. CVS wasn’t having it and kept his ID so he left there and wound up at the hospital. They werent giving him any good stuff and he had nowhere left to go at this point so he had a melt down.


Bonnar needs to look into kratom.