Bonnar goes berserk at hospital

I love Bonnar and I hope he gets the help he needs.

Hes a really good dude who helped a friend of mine out big time many years ago.


Jesus hes lost his mind

This is what happens to junkies who get shut down at every pharmacy in town because theyre all on to his schemes


I trained with him quite a bit. He’s got issues.


It really is sad. This gal i grew up with has a little brother, he was a real good kid that is in his early 40’s now. Went to trade school and became a licensed electrician, got married, had a couple of kids, bought a house and was doing real well for himself. Anyways, about 7 years ago he fell off a ladder at work and injured his back and neck. Doctors prescribed him opioid painkillers and he kept working and developed tolerances to the amounts so they would raise the dosage until finally they couldn’t go any higher. His behavior became erratic, lost his job for stealing tools from his work to trade for pills illegally. His wife had to lock him out of their house and he had to sleep on a cot in his garage because he was selling or trading their tv’s and appliances for drugs. He has had to be narcanned a couple of times and his parents sent him to rehab without success. Nowadays, all he does is go around to different hardware store chains trying to shoplift. I think he has been arrested a couple of times.


theyve made new very strict rules for getting opiates from doctors/pharmacists since its become such a problem


There are few current and ex fighters I’m not surprised that’ll act out like that and he’s one of them

I remember, years ago Rogan had a woman on his show who wrote a book called Oxycontin express. She spoke about the pharmaceutical industry purposefully addicting masses of the population.

I guess this is the kind of thing she was talking about.


Dont go full retard

He was in pain lashing out.I don’t like the way his eyes looked,his pupils were really dilated also.


Few months ago he released a similar video getting kicked out of a gym for not using a mask. His brain is damaged by fighting and/or drugs

I can’t believe there are retards that really believe that watching YouTube is research. You know nothing you dumb fucking mouth breather.



I think you guys give him far to much credit, he’s just a massive attention seeking moron

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Gotta love him calling the cop a dumbfuck for no reason at all.


Was anyone else kind of hoping he was going to tazed?



According to audittheaudit which I find to be the best channel for 1st amendment audits you are incorrect. I timestamped the part where he lays out clearly the health dept’s no filming policy would likely be upheld.


Been there.

Not yelling at doctors and nurses and cops, but lashing out at whoever was around when I was going through withdrawals. No one ever thought that would be me, especially me.

Alcohol in high school became pills in college, and after college the floodgates opened: coke, meth, heroin (with alcohol and rx pills remaining a constant).

I was incarcerated twice, nearly died multiple times (from OD and by my own hand), and ended up a convicted felon.

11/29 of this year will be 10 years sober. I’m a dad now and have spent the last 8.5 years working in youth mental health and sharing my story around the U.S.

I got lucky.

I hope someone gets through to him and he agrees to get help. If not, I’ve seen how this story ends most of the time, and it ain’t good.

BTW there’s my mugshot and my sober date progress pics for the following 8 years (I didn’t take one last year):


Isnt Bonnar a promising med student?

I think you are confusing him with Carlos Newton.