Bonnar's Entrance Music

ROCKED!!!!! what is that song called and who is the artist?

Eminence Front by The Who

Chuck Liddell - Intro by DMX

Renato Sobral - Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch

Stephan Bonnar - Eminence Front by The Who

Forrest Griffin - Get Back by Ludacris

Nick Diaz - This Is War by Ill Niño

it was like theme music ala i'm gunna get you sucka

"Thunderstruck" would be a damn cool entrance song

I was going to ask the same question. There was plenty of good music that night.

nobody in the history of fighting has come to the ring to thunderstruck, so i totally agree!!!! that would be off the chain!

Hermes came out to "get back"

Pretty sure Randy came out to thunderstruck at 57

Jeez, you guys must be young. How's high school treating you?

What is tha actual name of the DMX song Chuck walked out to, I cant remember it for the life of me. Anyone? Anyone?

i'm surprised that it hasn't been used in more porn flicks - it's got that sound

just heard the song in full and i am now much less impressed due to the vocals. it would be a great song if it was just an instrumental, imo.

Chucks song is of the first DMX album its song #1 on it. I cant think of the name shitzzzzzzzzz!

Eminence Front by The Who <<<< indeed the best entrance music of the night.

Shit, that was Bonnar's entrance song? I thought it was Phil Collins or something.

As far as I know, some pick their music...Forrest hasn't ever and I don't think he did Sat.

Bonnar's entrance music was funny all right. I thought it sounded like a 70's cop show theme tune. The only thin he was missing was Huggy Bear.

A guy watching the fights with us thought the chorus was "livin' in a box" and I was like, dude, it's "Eminence Front", lol.

I'm old like that.

Kongo came out to the new Black Label Society song Concrete Jungle... available on the new CD "Shot to Hell" to be released on September 12th, 2006 through Roadrunner Records.