Bonnar's UFC wins erased?

Looks like the UFC has removed all of Bonnar's wins from their website
and kept his losses.  Seems premture to strip the guy of his wins.
At least give Bonnar a chance to respond and test his B sample. 

ouch...not shit. they history is still there, but the wins have been taken off. That sucks. Anyone know if he was tested in any of the prior fights?

That won't happen I think they mightbe awaiting a decision thats a tad unfair.

if they blame his wins on steroids, why don't they blame his losses?


"if they blame his wins on steroids, why don't they blame his losses?"


that's bullshit. He won those fights, leave that shit alone.

"Looks like the UFC has removed all of Bonnar's wins from their website and kept his losses".
Where do you see that?

The funny thing is that they list the wins in the notes below.

"if they blame his wins on steroids, why don't they blame his losses?"

That is a legit point and probably the most intelligent comment I have ever read.

They didn't remove Barnett's, did they?

Oh, I see. They have him as 12-3, but only list his UFC losses below.

they did strip him of his title

but what about Belfort youre tellin me he wasnt roided out of his mind when he first came on the scene

It's funny how so many people now want to throw him overboard just because of this. All the facts are yet to be known but as usual that doesn't stop all the know-it-alls from making snap judgements about something they clearly know nothing about.

And yes Bonnar deserves to be in the UFC because he's tough and fights with heart. I can't say the same for many other UFC fighters.

Cut the guy some slack will you. Yea he screwed up big time, but so did 90% of football and baseball players. This is a pro sport and to think that no one else is on the gas is just plain stupid. Steroids will always be present in pro sports. And one more thing they never said it was seroids they just said it was an anobolic agent, other legall proformance enhancers may test positive at first look. America people inocent until proven guilty.

WTF I would never guess Bonner to be on roids. Tim Silvia either that bad build not fightin foo. Somebody that looks like Monson yeah I could see that.

I just noticed that quite a few of the fighters have false info in their bios. For instance I got this from Ken Shamrock's page:

Ken Shamrock Fight History:

Ken Shamrock UFC Fight History:

Result Opponent Method Event Date Round Time

Loss Tito Ortiz Technical Knock Out UFC 61: Bitter Rivals 07/08/2006 1 1:18

Loss Rich Franklin Technical Knock Out Ultimate Fighter I Finale 04/09/2005 1 2:00

Win Kimo Leopoldo Knock Out UFC 48: Payback 06/19/2004 1 1:26

Loss Tito Ortiz Technical Knock Out UFC 40: Vendetta 11/22/2002 3 5:00

Loss Brian Johnston Technical Knock Out Ultimate Ultimate 96 12/07/1996 1 0:00

Loss Dan Severn Split Decision UFC 9: Motor City Madness 05/17/1996 1 0:00

Loss Kimo Leopoldo Submission UFC 8: David vs. Goliath 02/16/1996 1 4:24

Draw Oleg Taktarov Draw UFC 7: The Brawl In Buffalo 09/08/1995 1 33:00

Win Dan Severn Submission UFC 6: Clash Of The Titans 07/14/1995 1 2:15

Draw Royce Gracie Draw UFC 5: Return Of The Beast 04/07/1995 1 36:00

Win Felix Lee Mitchell Submission UFC 3: The American Dream 09/09/1994 1 4:34

Loss Christophe Leininger Submission UFC 3: The American Dream 09/09/1994 1 4:47

Loss Royce Gracie Submission UFC 1: The Beginning 11/12/1993 1 0:57

Win Patrick Smith Submission UFC 1: The Beginning 11/12/1993 1 1:49

(You can see that they have him losing three fights that he actually won.)

I'm pretty sure Bonnar has been tested before. Any time you're in the main event or co main event I think you are tested. So he should have been tested vs Jardine and probably against Rashad, maybe Forrest for their first fight. It's a shame though if he did juice up.

why strip him of wins he earned when he was clean, because he made one stupid, desperate mistake when his career and dreams were on the ropes?

i've trained with Bonnar b4, and he was always a classy gentleman in gym. no signs of roidrage or even ego. i'm sure it was a one time mistake, that he regrets, and is paying for now.

he should keep what he earned when he was clean (i hear they were heavily tested throughout TUF, and don't believe he did anything like this b4).

I don't think they stripped him of anything. The records on that site are full of omissions and errors (and not just with Bonnar).

the fighter record deal is absolutely shameless on the ufc's part. they still
don't have FRANK SHAMROCK listed. you can't get any of his fights on
their little ufc on demand. the freakin database of past fights should be
complete and accurate. its not hard to do and it looks REALLY bad to
have all the incompleteness/inaccuracies that they do. as much as they'd
like to, dana white et. al don't have the power to change the past.