Bonnar's UFC wins erased?

  1. Zuffa contacted the NSAC through their channels to make sure Bonnar was tested.<<<


I thought all the main event fighters are tested and that occasionally they do a random check on a couple of fighters on the undercard. If that's the case, Bonnar was going to be tested for this fight anyway and he would have been tested in his other UFN main event fights too.

I think the guy just made a bad error in judgement. He must have been really desperate for the win to take a chance like that...

KOP is back to his trolling ways on this thread. Interesting fiction, and I'm not saying it's not possible - but it's purely conjecture that KOP is dressing up as fact.

Being a Main Event fighter has nothing to do with the drug test.
Title Fights are automatically tested. Anybody else, whether it is a Main Event or not, is part of the random testing system.<<<

Hmmm...maybe I read it wrong, but I could have sworn that I read somewhere that all fighters in the main event are tested, and title fights as you mentioned.

They tested Chuck and Sobral, and Griffin and Bonnar in UFC 62.

its fine if they don't include fights from other organizations, but its
irresponsible to not have it for the ufc.

all fighters in the main event are tested. Bonnar and Griffin was a co-main event fight. So much for the conspiracy theory.