BONTON2 I caught yah Again.


I caught yah again brother. Just like I was joking with yah about having video of me in Michigan, again I see yah video taping me at the CJA's. Everytime I watch my recent clips your in the background with your cam. Next time I compete in my invisible GI. Better yet next we'll compete, oh yah we are.

I am messing with.


Wiley, I want to wish you and Elliot good luck with your upcoming superfight.

Wiley beat me up and took my lunch money...




I told you before and I'll tell you again. I'm not going to fight you in your "invisible gi". I've read "The Emporer's New Clothes". There is no invisible gi, man. There's nothing. It's you. Naked.

Also, I wasn't taping YOU. I was taping the invisible bears breakdancing in front of you.



Rick, I resent that implication. Unless that was an offer. In which case I accept. Resentfully.

Those God Damn Dancing Bears just won't leave my side. I swear I've tried to drive out to a dirt road and leave them there and "Oh no they somehow return", I even pushed a couple of them down the stairs at Skydome and they were at my front door when I got there. And "Yes" they were dancing.

1 sec I got take a hit from the Bong.

Thank god it wasn't you that I fought in Michigan. That guy was a real dickhead. He called me a motherfucker during the fight, and wouldn't shake my hand after.

For you, I'll bring a post fight fattie.