Bonzi Wells going to Memphis

If this guy can keep his head on straight, he will be a great addition to an upcomming team...

No doubt.


as soliD AS a playa as he is, I would not want this head case on my team. sorry bonzi. you are a freak.

Glad to see the Blazers are starting to clean house, but Bonzi for Person?

You think they're trying to set up a bigger move with this one?

SORRY jACOB, i HAVE been at the rtox agme am I am toe up. Tommor I will post pics of me with Kelvin and Moochie in the lounge. ha ha ha. It sukks knowing the right pewople.

Jacob, HGubie won't take shit from Bonzi

I'm talking about Portland.

Do you think they're clearing room($) for somebody bigger?