Booby-Trapped Trump Signs

LOL, during the first election, I worked with a guy that went sign stealing and on a trolling rampage.

He drove this long stretch of country road to get to work. It was state owned land and not traveled all that often, but for some reason someone was putting an insane number of Trump signs on it. He took a picture and showed us at work on day on lunch. It was probably 20 of them, only maybe 10 feet apart in the picture.

Someone joked that he should take them and put them some place more visible. So he did…

On his way home he swiped them, and on his way to work the next day, every time he saw a Clinton sign, he replaced it with a Trump sign.

To everyone’s surprise, withing a couple days, someone put up another long line of Trump signs where he took the originals from. So he did it again, and again and again. Someone always put up more, and he moved them.

No lie, this shit went on for like 3 or 4 weeks. It got to the point that he ran out of Clinton signs to swap out without actively seeking them and taking detours.

Finally one morning, he came in early and duplicated the farm road. He put a Trump sign every couple yards for what seemed like a couple football fields worth of road leading to work, except this was through a small town.

It was fucking awesomely hilarious hearing people that didn’t know what was going on bitch and moan about what kind of moron had the time to put out that many signs lol. He was an anonymous legend for a short time.

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Fucked around, found out:

Typical leftist. Always lying and blaming others for their follies

“OMG it was an honest mistake on my part! I would NEVER remove the sign of a man who ruins every waking moment of my miserable existence. I mean that doesn’t even make sense, right?!?” - dumb bitch with a bloody forearm

I know there is no chance of this, but I hope in her quiet moments with no one else around that she herself is the person who needs to learn a valuable lesson from this unfortunate incident. I know, why she do that when lying and playing the victim is so much easier.

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Fucked around, found out:

It really bothers me that the homeowner who's property was being stolen, was charged with assault. At least that is what this piece reported. Hopefully any charges were dropped.

In for later, heard about people doing this but never stopped to watch the videos

I have had one Trump sign taken already. I am really thinking about doing something like this and I setup my cameras to watch it.

Anyone know what would be a safe amperage to shock someone but not be a danger to kids/animals? OR, any other options; tying the sign to a monofilament string, vaseline all over it, or maybe dog shit dropping from the tree above if the sign is moved?

Does nobody steal Biden signs?

or are there just no biden signs