BOOK IT: Vitor will WRECK Franklin!

Franklin is a fantastic fighter and a true warrior, but this is bad match up for him.

Everything Franklin does, Vitor does it better. Vitor is the better wrestler. Fighters such as, Ortiz and Couture struggled to get Belfort down. Lindland could never do it, before he was put to sleep.

Belfort is also likely the stronger of the two and has been tested in the heavyweight division.

Boxing goes to Belfort. The problem I see for Franklin is that his strength (stand up fighting at a distance) is also Vitor strength.

I am taking Belfort at +115 for $500, this is a large amount of money for me.

Belfort should win, on paper, but you never know with him.

Vitor should be able to put Franklin away, but I guess the longer the fight goes the more chance Franklin has to win. Vitor can sometimes get BJ Penn syndrome and just stop fighting later in the fight.

Bobby Lupo -  I'm not betting this fight although I think Vitor should win. I could see a lopsided first round for Vitor then Franklin winning the next 2 rounds when some inexplicable mental lapse on Vitor's part happens.


You should not upset CRE with your thread title.

I see Franklin TKOing Vito Belfor....maybe 2nd or 3rd.

Vitor has more ways to win. While, I see Franklin winning by close JD only.

Remember this only a 3 round fight, no chance for Franklin to take Vitor in the later rounds and finish him then. I wouldn't be surprised if Vitor scores a 10-8 round in this fight.

 vitor has all the physical tools, but he'll never have franklins mental toughness or heart.

either vitor wins within a round or franklin breaks him.