Book of Vile Darkness!!

Wow i never bought a D&D book that came with a mature reading hell it is a pretty wicked book,.I felt unclean after reading it!!! if u guys can pick up a copy !!! It is pretty wicked!!

I was reading at Barnes and Noble. I want to but it so I can put it by my copy of the Satanic Bible and the Necronomicon.

It is pretty evil!!..damn some of the things you read out of it to do to NPCs if you're playing a badguy is wicked!!

damn, looks like Satan has quite the weapon on him...

the book of exalted deeds is great for anyone espiring to the holy warrior route. the warriors of heaven have some real fire power thanks to this book.

Cool illustrations. Where from ?

"Book of Vile Darkness".. dendawg is were the pics are from..

Can you find these illus. online ?

Here you go dendawg!