Book recommendation, pls

I'm sure you guys get a lot of these threads asking for recommendations on technique books, so sorry...

Looking for a technique book, preferably no-gi, but one that shows not just the step by step progression for a particular move with a few pics, but one that explains the "why's" -- the strategy behind the moves. Set-ups, transitions, etc.

I'm now living in the caribbean, far from the gym where I train (or any gym for that matter), and am jonesing. Problem is, if I start rolling with the people who've expressed an interest, they're going to pick up all my (millions of) blue belt bad habits and I'm just going to keep repeating the same errors.

Don't need the newest, slickest moves from Brazil, but I do need something more than an encyclopedia of moves.



Royler has put out an excellent submission grappling book. Everything is done without a gi and the moves are presented very well.

That would be the first place I would look.

I agree, Royler's is what you are looking for.

Mastering Jiu Jitsu by Renzo Gracie looks more into why certain moves work in certain positions. It is much more of a theoretical look at MMA rather than a technique book.

Roylers book

JJ Machado's is worth a look. Some of its GI specific, but there's enough stuff to interest you.

The Fighters Notebook. Its got more stuff in there than most will know after a couple of years of training.

Roylers book sounds like just what you need.

Hey Joe, its jf from the academy (Gamma).

Whats up? Are u starting a class in the D Republic? Cool. I will
have to get my butt down there. I know, I keep repeating myself...

I can tell you that those guys are right about the Royler book
(Submission Grappling). Its got nice, simple techniques and its
well done with plenty of details. Get it from The JJ
Machado book is cool too. I got it just in case youd like
photocopies in the future.

Man, the training with Fabio is great. Hes got so many nice
techniques and his teaching is excellent.

Plus I got four stitches on my head since Wednesday's wrestling
practice. Some guy landed on my head and opened a nice gash
that let the tomato sauce come out in great amounts. I covered
the mat nicely (what a nice puddle) and went to Royal Vic for the
stitching. I got out at 2 am.

Youre missing out on a lot of action bro. See you soon

get mastering jujitsu by renzo gracie. also get roylers book on submission grappling. and get iversons book on submission fighting. all at

I own and enjoy most of the books cited above.  IMHO, however, the best BJJ book written to date is "Passing the Guard" by Ed Beneville and Tim Cartmell.  It is available at and (as opposed to, which is my site).


Note to self: be more careful about urls and video titles or Andrew will have to sort me out!

Here's an active link:

I wouldn't think twice, Jean Jacque's "Black belt techniques" book is the best.

Royler's book is very good too (all no gi), but I personally prefer Jean Jacque's, it shows you how to trick your opponent. The other thing I love about it is that it shows you variations in the application of every attacking technique depending on how your opponent is defending.

Since you are a blue belt, I think you would have no problem following it. I have to tell you though that about 60% of the techniques displayed are done with the gi.

Thanks all!

I was on Amazon about to order Royler's book when I decided to check with you all first. Sounds like it's the way to go. Might pick up some other books mentioned as well.

JF: Not starting a class, not nearly technically sound enough. More like I'm moving here full time and I don't think there's a BJJ or grappling class (other than judo) on the whole island. I've got a few friends who say they are interested in rolling as well as some pretty tight connections at the air force base not far from where I live so I think I can get a group together. More of an open mat sort of thing.

Obviously if most of these people have never grappled before they'll end up taking their cues from me. While I don't mind so much having holes in my game, it's pretty crappy to pass them on because you're too lazy to do your homework and find out how it really should be done. So if I improve the details of my technical game, that can only help everyone.

Home in May -- have done zero training. REALLY not looking forward to getting tapped by the puppies.

Cheers all!