book "small stakes hold'em"

Any opinions on ..........

Small Stakes Hold 'em: Winning Big with Expert Play
by:sklansky, malmuth and miller?

I'm thinking of getting this book along with the Lee Jones "low limit hold'em" book.

For those that have read both, which should I read first.


I have a review of SSHE up at my poker site:

SSHE is an advanced book, I would recommend WLLHE by Jones or Texas Hold Em by Sklansky first. Plenty of info in those two books to take you to being and intermediate player.

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thanks, I'll check out the review. I think the lee jones would be my first choice, it's just that I was considering buying 2 books on to take advantage of the free shipping.


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super system II is scheduled for release in january. that's the only poker book i'm planning on reading in the near future.

it seems like "book learning" can only get you so far in poker and most books just repeat the same things. it will be interesting to see if SSII can break some new ground like the original did....

The combination of learning from the right books and experience is the most effective method for improvement.

Learning about a particular concept (say pot odds) then applying it at the tables will simply improve your play at a much faster pace then trying to reinvent the wheel by yourself or by just reading as much material as you can without actually playing.

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