Booking photo of the gay that shot other gays

How is being charged with a hate crime if he is gay himself?


But he brought his kids to a gay club that had a cross dressing drag show?

Looks rough, but he did once kill a white walker


There are gay clubs (where it’s basically just gays doing gay shit) and there are “gay friendly” clubs where everyone is welcome as long as you’re cool with gay stuff going on around you.

Maybe this club was “gay friendly”.

on reddit theyre calling himm the maga shooter

Was answered by oblongo

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How the completely rational Share Blue shills moderating Reddit have chosen to spin the story:

The police have released the booking photo of the Colorado Springs MAGA mass shooter domestic terrorist

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Which “him”?

Faggot went to town on shim

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This dude parties

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And a Thenn!


Because he’s a disgusted weirdo that visits drag clubs with his family.

Well thank god for that weirdo! Read the other posts bubba