Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Boondock Saints II Novmber 1st.

Hope it doesn't suck ass.

Part 1 will be hard to beat. William De foe as a hard nose ghey Detective?

the kick ass shoot outs and fight scenes?

Man! thats when movies were GOOD!

anyone else excited about this?

i REALLY like the first movie. JUSTICE IS KODLY imo.

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Nice. Jimmy how about that date you promised me? I'll treat.

Nothing says "date movie" like BS II!

I'm down!


3's a crowd...or is it 4?

i believe 3's company, 4's a gangbang. Ha!

3's a crowd, 4 is a party!

Judo Monk hooked me up. I had the DVD for a while, but finally sat down to watch it. I dug it big time.


*works on Airish brrrogue