Boost for losing weight

Sup fellas,

I posted something about Xyience on the UG, but after seeing how knowledgeable and helpful some of you guys are down here I figured I'd post here for stuff like that. First off, I'm sort of a yo-yo dieter(long story) so I have no problems losing weight. I go with a low cal and fat diet, and exercise alot.

My question is, what supplement/s should I take for a boost in my workouts? I bought nox-cg3 without doing any research on it mainly because it was one of the products I recognized at GNC. I stopped taking supplements when I stopped training about 5 years ago so I was intimidated by the variety of products out there now. I just bought Xyience because I knew its name (I know it's stupid but I was very late to a meeting and just picked it up).

I don't have much time on my hands and I lead a very hectic lifestyle. When I get to the gym, it's no nonsense time. I'm about 175lbs now, but I should be between 150-155. I'm not looking to take a bunch of different kinds of supplements, I kind of like going natural, but this time I think I need a little extra. Thanks in advance fellas.

I've experimented with a couple of "fat burner" products on myself... Hot Rox from Biotest and Hydroxycut from MuscleTech. My take? They either have no beneficial effect at all, or the effect is to small to notice. I've come to the conclusion that fat burners, even if they do provide some (small) amount of help, are not worth the $$$ they cost.

But that's just my opinion, take it for what it's worth...

Otherwise, I think protein powder and possibly creatine have some value, depending on your circumstances. Outside of that, I think most or all supplements are a waste of money.

But that's just my opinion, take it for what it's worth...

Your opinion, is basically the opinion I got from at least 15-20 friends. I also tried some of that stuff a few years back. All it did what make me feel like shit. That's why I stayed away from the stuff. I'm guessing creatine and maybe some whey protein after I drop about 15 more pounds and start doing more lifting and less cardio.

Barbell complexes helped me blowtorch my bodyfat.