Booty Bay

When did the bruisers there turn to lvl 67?? fuck they hit alittle harder now and resist FD alot more

Armbreaker wazzzzzz up ????

call in gord...LOL that hilarious you think i needed him he was logged there...he logged in and there was your cute little UD ass...enci was tentitive we tryed to lure you guys out but no one came so we went and ganked a few hordies then AB popped...i'll be back there in an hour or so get everyone waiting;-)

steve i beg to im coming back after some AB your ass is mine ;-)

Enci i seen...he wouldt engage me in BB adn then tryed luring him outside no give :-(

Too late again...theseanster, Demendus and one of your rogues know what im talking about :-) Blasted Lands is a deadly place

apon further review of the images...Fattimus was the rogue

Gord, you and Billy lucked out this time. Danjer and I hunted you for a few hours and you just slipped through our fingers at every turn.

You'll get your soon enough!

You EB's have killed some tough guys in the guild, but Memtar and I are like the enforcers. When you kill us you have done something.

When we find you, we will not wave, we will not have a little standoff, or any of that junk. We will Dot you up and and finish you off. Then camp you for a little while.

If you want to try your luck, I gank in WPL almost nightly. See you around.

lol reefman was logged there took two hits to bring you down the first time because i didnt have you marked or have TA on...eitherway I wasnt impressed myself. The important thing is your death tolls far exceeded ours tonight.

"billy, we walked all the way to GG immediately after you and reefman went outside. we ganked along the way as a matter of a fact. where were you? nowhere to be found, because you don't have a set!"

dude no you didnt i can track people you ladies stayed in BB with enci...i wasnt waiting all night so i went and ganked along the coast and near GG. Then my AB popped and i left. Dont hate the player hate the game!

YOU can't win

by the way noobtard... dont jump in the water thats just to ez, out of guards reach :-)

lol gord and his crazy tales...homie where you at right now i'll come shake your paw ;-)


Thesco ambushed me when I was mining some Thorium. Sneaky orc. Had to drop him. Didin't want to but he left me no choice.

add BUGAR!!!!! and Hackney to that list ;-)

Good night for vietgnome!


"Billy rides up, waves runs 20 steps then, UNPROVOKED, shoots a fireball at me."

I only wish i could make fire!

Ohh and nothing is unprovoked...remember as long as your in the ALM there's bounties on your heads. Although you can breath alittle easier, Armbreaker and twunt are still the biggest rewards :-)

We might bring out some guildies tonight...these new found soldiers are pretty cool, they share the same interest of guerilla warfare

Being outnumbered and regularly raped? cool

ohh twunt...your time will come

would you like to know where I'll be tonight?

Thats up to you ... thats pretty much SUICIDE!

I will be in the drawing room playing scrabble with my nearest and dearest. That is all