Boozer should've stayed with cavs

clevland would be a east finals contender if he had of stayed, and the jazz are shit now with the russian out for a while.
Guess thats what you get for being greedy

I agree that he'd have helped the Cavs a lot, but he's still better off imo.

Karma: Ain't it a bitch??

Gooden is doing great at power fwd for the Cavs

he sold out Would have been better off in the long run for Boozer to get to play with James

scoutog is correct. Going to Utah will never be a bad decision as long as Jerry Sloan coaches there.

But if he had stayed in Cleveland he just would have had to wait another 2 years before Silas is fired and Phil Jackson being the coach.

Jerry Sloan is mostly responsible for the Jazz horrible record this year. The first responsiblity of a coach is to play the right guys the right number of minutes, as such Sloan is a miserable failure.

Please explain...

Well the Jazz have been getting absolutely murdered in the backcourt. One reason is that Arroyo has been horrendous since returning from injury. That's not Sloan's fault. What is his fault is playing Eisley and Lopez, when their best PG has been Keith McLeod.

An even more egregious error has been Raja Bell getting half the minutes at SG, with Giricek only getting a third of the minutes. Giricek is clearly the better player.

Another error has been giving Okur only half the minutes at center. Okur has played at an all-star level when on the court and foul trouble certainly hasn't precluded him from playing more minutes.

Essentially Sloan is playing too many guys, and not playing his best players enough minutes. Further, he's never established a consistent rotation.

Let me know if you'd like more detail/analysis. Basically I like to look at four main factors, though there are many others that provide further insight.

  1. how a guy performs against his man
  2. how a team performs with a guy on the floor
  3. distribution of minutes
  4. team success at each position

Giricek has trouble guarding piles of poo, of course Raja will get more time.

The numbers show that they're both shitty defenders, but Giricek makes up for it offensively (for the most part).

If I were the GM I'd look to more Harpring for backcourt help. Harpring is an excellent player but he can't play the 2. His trade value should be pretty high.

Harpring has looked like shit, he doesn't look like he's recovered from his injury enough.

Raja's only problem is hotheaded stupid fouls. But he's better than Giricek on defense, no matter what the game stats that don't relate to on court action say.

Defense is a big reason why when it came to the Spurs having to choose between Ginobili and Giricek because of cap reasons they chose Manu and traded away Gordan's rights. Defense is why Bell was able to get into the league and stay in the league.

"game stats that don't relate to on court action say."

As opposed to the game stats that do? LOL

I have three links I want you to look at.

Utah plus/minus by player

Gircek's stats

Bells's stats

You'll notice, among other things, that Giricek shoots a higher percentage, gets to the line more, and Utah plays better when he's on the court.

""game stats that don't relate to on court action say."

As opposed to the game stats that do? LOL

I put that because I get sick of people using stats instead of watching the games and using their heads.

Case in point was the Suns-Spurs game that just happened. Plenty of fools looked at the stats and all over b-ball forums people were saying shit like "Amare getting 37 is incredible!" and "Duncan can't stop him" and "He contained Duncan to only 16 points!" or even "Great game by Amare!" "Just look at the stats! Power forward to Power forward, Amare dominated!" Even jealous Spur hating Lakers fans had threads obsessing over how Amare was overtaking Duncan.

Even fools that watched the game wrote that kind of stupid crap. They may have watched, but they didn't pay attention.

Amare barely scored against Duncan. Duncan only covered him one on one a handful of times. Straight up, Amare scored TWICE. One of those was the dunk shown on Sportscenter. The possession before that though Duncan forced him into an airball. The other times Amare scored related to Duncan was on a Duncan foul and he got free throws, the other time Nash screened TD out of the play and Ginobili fouled him.

That was it.

Every other time Amare scored the other 30 points he was guarded by either Rasho, Rose, Horry or Massenburg. That was it.

And he was NEVER double teamed. EVER. The closest thing to it was late in the game Lampe was out above the 3 point line, and Amare was at the elbow. Lampe's man was playing him soft and was sort of closer to Amare. But it was hardly a hard double, Amare passed it off, Lampe missed a 3.

In spite of that Legler goes on Fast Break and talks about how the thing that separated Duncan from Amare was the ability to spot his teammates and pass out of the double. WTF game was he watching? He may have been correct overall, but that didn't matter in this game because the Spurs were not leaving their men. They let Amare get his against Rasho and company.

Where Amare was TERRIBLE was on defense, especially stepping up to help his teammates. He had one nice block, but he looked retarded out there. Whereas TD is exceptional on help defense.

And while Amare was going off, TD was being double teamed constantly. The few times he got one on one with Amare (before the double) he scored. He was 7-9 for crying out loud.

But no, that stat hounds think Amare was Soooooooo great and he exposed Tim Duncan.

Feel better now? LOL

I agree with you, but I don't use stats like these assclown GM's and media types.

I can tell you're a student of the game, check those links and holla back.