Border ptrl cuts lady's tire, leaves her in desert

The blog contains a bit of editorializing, but the official complaint is there too.

Also, not to be insensitive, but can a blue please get her picture here? The eyebrows, the hand gesture... Just, wow. She's fantastic.


On May 21, 2013, Clarisa Christiansen was driving home with her seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son after picking her daughter up from elementary school. Ms. Christiansen and her children a re U.S. citizens and resident s of Three Points, Arizona, located west of Tucson and approximately 40 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. On their way home, at approximately 2:15 pm, the family was pulled over by a Border Patrol vehicle. The stop occurred on a stretch of dirt road about two miles from their home, which is approximately fifteen miles from the elementary school.

Ms. Christiansen stopped her vehicle and was approached by a Border Patrol agent. The agent asked her if she was a U.S. citizen; she answered affirmatively. The agent then demanded that Ms. Christ iansen exit her vehicle so it could be searched. Ms. Christiansen stated that she did not consent to a search and asked the agent why she had been stopped. The agent responded that he would not provide an explanation until Ms. Christiansen exited her vehicle. Ms. Christiansen stated that she would not exit her vehicle until she was provided with an explanation for the stop. The agent refused and was clearly agitated that Ms. Christiansen had requested an explanation. At that point, two additional Border Patrol agents approached Ms. Christiansen’s vehicle.

Ms. Christiansen then stated that if there was no reason for stopping her that she would be on her way, and wished the agent a good day. The agent told her, “You’re not going anywhere.” That agent then said to the other agents, “This one is being difficult, get the Taser.” The agent opened the driver’s side door and demanded that she exit. Ms. Christiansen, now fearing for her safety and that of her children, refused. Ms. Christiansen’s children became upset; her daughter asked, “Mommy what’s going on?” Ms. Christiansen told the children to stay calm and sit still, but she could see they were confused and afraid.

The agent then approached Ms. Christiansen with a retractable knife and threatened to cut her out of her seatbelt if she didn’t exit the vehicle. Ms. Christiansen repeated her demand for an explanation, which the agents still refused to give her. Instead, the agent forcibly reached inside Ms. Christiansen’s vehicle without her consent and removed the keys from the ignition.

Ms. Christiansen had no choice but to exit the vehicle. She presented her identification. The agents ran a background check, gave her back her driver’s license, returned to their vehicle without saying anything, and drove away. The entire stop lasted approximately 35 minutes. At that point, Ms. Christiansen noticed that her rear tire had been punctured and was flat. There was a large incision along the side of the tire, consistent with a knife puncture and not a routine or accidental flat. It was a very hot day and there was no one for miles around. Fortunately, Ms. Christiansen was able to contact her brother to bring her a car jack to change the flat tire.


Sorry, I know that's pretty long but I couldn't figure out what could be cut out.

Sometimes women need put in their place.

no one for miles around? I thought they were 2 miles from their house. If it lasts 35 minutes, why didn't she just give them her license?

I'm confused. Was she driving a mobile kitchen or 'cocina'?

Aaron Becker - no one for miles around? I thought they were 2 miles from their house. If it lasts 35 minutes, why didn't she just give them her license?

2 miles is miles.

Fucking pigs think everyone should cower and suck up.

Lets hope they run into some hardcore pipe smoking cartel members.

So, Just an accusation with no evidence. Cool. Phone Post 3.0

hmmm....seems legit.


was this before or after she went to work as a waitress and was denied a tip after having a racist or sexist remark left on a receipt?

Freedom Phone Post 3.0


"Only after the ACLU became involved did an official—Richard Hill—respond. He told her he thought the tire had been torn and not intentionally slashed (see the photo above and judge for yourself). "


Mr. Hill is obviously an expert on tire safety...

Al Cappucino - 
Aaron Becker - no one for miles around? I thought they were 2 miles from their house. If it lasts 35 minutes, why didn't she just give them her license?

2 miles is miles.

she could walk home in 25 minutes. It's not like she was out in the middle of no where like it makes it seem. But the border patrol seem like fuckers but I'm wondering why she didn't just give them her license to begin with. I think common sense says to give a cop your license when you get pulled over and not tell them to fuck off

I thought csg lived in the DC area

Are the boarder patrol allowed to pull anyone over without cause? Phone Post 3.0

I would sue for harassment. Phone Post 3.0

PatK - 

I thought csg lived in the DC area

Actually thought that was BWS

Time to get these tires....


What the fuck is wrong with people? Of course in most cases I or anyone else would give them the license to avoid a hassle, but that doesn't make it right. We have a constitutional right to not be stopped, searched, or ID'ed without reasonable suspicion of the commission of a crime. Period. The notion that "if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about" is a truly scary one. It doesn't matter if it was hot out, it took 35 minutes, etc., if the details are accurate these cops were in the wrong and should be summarily fired. Also, 2 miles is not that far, but it is a long way for a 5 and 7 year old to walk at 2 PM in May in southern Arizona.