Border solution

Been thinking. Since the “wall” won’t be going up, how about dredging the river so deep that it is a deterrent? Secondly, they could create man made river all the way across our southern border, make it DEEP and on our side we have cheap fencing with rows of barbed wire like the hungarians did to secure their border.

Make the rivers alligator sanctuaries.

I’m all for immigration, but not to the point we are crashing our entire country and it’s economy.


You still don’t get it, do you? There are and will be no solutions. The globalists/nwo types in gov wants open borders. Deal!!!

I propose we just invade Mexico and overtake it. Then they won’t have to cross the border. The border will cross them…,

Shiit I bet we’d inherit a bunch of freedom loving Americans then!


Good idea.

Or what if we put in a river of quick sand? That would even be tougher to cross. Or lava perhaps??

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How bout dat?

Nah I like my idea better.

How about a massive river filled with hippos?

what are you going to feed these hippos and alligators, just illegals?

As much as I hate to admit it, this is absolutely correct. Why do you think there are no solutions with politicians? Same thing. Keep driving a wedge = more power for the politician, of all political parties. Give me a name of politician and I will tell you they don’t give a shit about you or anyone else, just their own power. Nothing more or less, power and money.

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We had solutions. Biden threw them in the trash and lit it on fire.


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Make it legal to shoot illegals on sight.

And before anyone asks how you can tell, you know good and damn well you can just tell.

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