Boring fighters you can think off

Ricardo Arona

Dan Severn (UFC 9 and PRIDE 1)

Matt Lindland

Jeremy Horn.

Randleman, Rizzo.

Sakuraba in his last fight and in PRIDE 23.

Boring threads I've read tonight...


Jeremy Horn? LOL!

Jeremy Horn is God. Jeremy Horn is NOT boring. That is all.

Personally I find enough fights of the following fighters significantly un-entertaining enough to say they are boring:

Arona(seems more than pleased to just hold for a JD even though he has a black belt in BJJ and his team mates all use subs well in mma.)

Miletich(the win must be gotten no matter how. I can agree with that but too often the "how" becomes playing for the decision doing little to no damage.)

Pulver(same as Miletich. Stopped relying on his hands and just did nothing to Penn and Hallman and Uno.)

Horn(Same as Miletich. Finishes low level opponents like a machine but can't seem to finish a top guy besides Liddell when it counts.)

Randleman(Seems to have no finishing skills. Hasn't improved in years. Reeks of potential but sticks to the old lay and pray for who knows what reason.)

Rizzo(when he's in screen saver mode)

Lindland( Doesn't seem to have finishing skills. Can control the fight well but unless you're going to tap to relatively tame GnP or he gets mount from a takedown, it's likely to go to decision.

Note: This is not meant to be disrectful, just my opinion having watched a good number of their fights. Some people hate watching Silva for example and will tell me that the guys I listed are just "super technical"

Add Sherk and McKee to this thread.

Subtract Horn.

subtract Horn and Sakuraba

Fujita when he doesnt get hit.

LOL @ Circus

LOL at Saku being boring...

Joao Roque used to bore the shit out of me back in the ole days; but has been better.

Arona, Belfort (when he wins), Rizzo, Pete Williams, Horn (But I haven't seen him fight in the last year and a half), Randleman (when he wins), Homer Moore, BJ Penn.

"LOL at Saku being boring..."

Sakuraba was boring against Kevin Randleman and Gilles Arsene.

randleman, lindland, horn, pulver, arona

"Sakuraba was boring against Kevin Randleman and Gilles Arsene. "

"Did it ever cross ur mind that it was randleman and arsene that made the fights boring?"

"These are the types of guys that can suck the life out of anyone's game"

I think that Sakuraba could of finished Arsene like in 2 minutes. I have also seen Sakuraba fight a boring fighter and made it exciting, because Sakuraba did some crazy things.

yeah ok lindland is so great to watch that's why he's
a prelim fighter half the time. the only dick sucking going on is you on lindlands.

All wrestlers are boring!

There seem to be two exciting categories.
Relentless strikers (ie Silva) or
Relentless Jap submission specialists are the most exciting (ie Sato, Sudo, Sakuraba)

American wrestlers even though they are very good, they are boring as hell. They are very content riding the fight to a decision.

Matt Hughes?......NO

pat militich is easily the most boring lifeless corpse ever to (dis)grace the octagon."

my thoughts exactly. Pat is great fighter and highly skilled but he always seems to try to win on the cards rather than going in for the kill.