Boring people

I have a friend who has zero interest in anything. No hobbies, no interests, no ambition, no likes of any kind. She lives strictly vicariously through her kids or current boyfriend. She wouldn't leave the house if it wasn't someone elses idea. She doesn't read, watch the news or care what is going on in the world. This drives me crazy and I don't know why. How can someone go through life without having some kind of goals??

Know anyone like this?

Tiresias - 

I don't know whatever.


EEKS - it is what it is

I hate this saying, even if I use it on occasion. Ugh.

We believe in nothing, Lebowski.  Nothing.

Who cares Phone Post

Maybe suffers from aspergers or some other personality disorder. Maybe she is just a really private person.

what does she do all day?


Thats your problem, women are good for 1 of 3 things;

Cookin, cleanin, and vaginas