Boring UFC Card

Turned out to be a pretty BORING Card! WEAK to say the least. To bad the Fans of Montreal didn't get more action!!! Stephen Patry puts on a better card by far.

i liked it a lot.

it wasn't that bad, and i hear the prelims were pretty good.

clattymine - it wasn't that bad, and i hear the prelims were pretty good.

As in, the fights that weren't shown were good and the most of the aired fights sucked?

You apparently didn't watch. Only boring fight, and it was epically boring, was the Starnes fight.

i like UFC PPV's as long as 3 out of the 5 main card fights, goes past the 1st round, but not a one sided judges decision.

from the sounds of it the unaired prelims were pretty good.

Looking back the fights were kind of one sided but at the time, I was on the edge of my seat for all.

1) McCarthy was very close to ending that fight. That would've been wild. Bisping looked precise though.

2) Mac was on his way to losing a dec imo until he turned it around. That knee was awesome. Bocek has heart.

3) Starnes licks my balls. But him getting booed by his home crowd made up for some of it.

4) Franklin was almost DONE. Great comebask for him. Too bad he played conservative at the end. He could have KO'd him.

5) I don't care what anyone says. People really had no idea how GSP was going to respond. My heart was pounding the whole time.

Good overall event imo.

nate quarry won a lot of fans with his comedy.

The importance of some of the fights made them suspenseful, but you really can't call them good fights per se.

I bought this pay per view with no regrets. I knew what to expect from Franklin, GSP & Danzig. The only surprise was Kalib's Monstrous Pussieness.

No regrets! Good card. Not Great! But worth it!

lol, it was spectacular there. Great fights all around.

You'd have to be braindead to think this was a creditable mma show.

Maybe if you were there, drunk, got head from a ring card girl, and are a family member of GSP, this was an exciting night; but otherwise, you're just a vegetable hooked up to a respirator if you liked this zuffa catastrophe.

Remind me: who's the most profitable mma promotion in America? Is it really zuffa? Why then do they suck so much?