"Born in the USA" = awesome intro


The crowd loves it

That makes it even better, imo.


Is this pro wrestling?  Hamill gets the cheap heat from The Boss and Bisping gets the easy pop for coming out to the Clash.

Ouch. That hurt.

'london calling' = just as awesome IMO.

.even though i hate the clash ;)

I'm sure the promoters had a say in song choice. Hometown Brit versus Anerican

If you listen to the song, Born in the USA is sarcasm by Springsteen

Hamill should have worn a shirt that read "Boo all you want, I can't hear shit!"



the uk boo'd on the 1st 3 notes!

did hamil even pick the song. i mean hes never heard it ever. they probably just put what ever on and he walked out to it. and was it just me or the whole time he entered they just looped the bpart that says "Born in the usa"

Lame intro. I guess it could have been more corny though, something like Lee Greenwood.

does anyone know what rampage's entrance music was?

It's been done more than once....but I still liked it.

I wouldn't say the song is "sarcastic". It tells the story of a veteran who ends up homeless and he's actually yelling "I was born in the USA" in outrage. If you read the lyrics, its message is more clear.


I love the way that everyone on here apparently believes that "Born in the U.S.A." is a nationalistic song - listen to the lyrics. The song is about the evils of nationalism and decries ring wing politics and the Vietnam war.