Boss insists on buying me lunch.. Dammit

Fucking first world problems man!

Boss wants to buy me lunch an probably wants to talk about work.

I avoid people on my lunch break. I sit in my truck in peace and quiet and listen to the news while browsing the OG. If I do get food it's strictly drive-through. I want as little interaction with the rat race as possible.

I tried telling him I have to go to the bank -- but he said he will wait.

Now I'm gonna have to go inside somewhere and be fucking sociable.

I would rather pay for my own food.

That's my complaint for the day.

There's no such thing as a free lunch 

MattyJ - 

There's no such thing as a free lunch 


Did you recommend that you dine at

The wrong forum asshole


I'm the same way. I like my hour or two of alone time with my podcasts and texting married Facebook whores. When my boss wants to eat it's always 30 minutes and talk about work. 

One day won't kill you, it's free food.

I'm with Op on this. fuck that dude and whatever the fuck he wants to talk about.

It's lunch time I haven't got my earphones in with nothing playing for no fucking reason at all.

WFA again!!?

No ducking way!

It's the site man... I was on the OG when I made the thread.

3rd time in a row that's happened.

MODS .. Please move my first world problems to the OG so I can be properly ridiculed.

I agree.

I am with you. I have a lunch hour during which I want zero to do with work. Order something pricey with extra this or that and he will not offer again. Be polite and take his hospitality.

Glad to see I'm not alone in this.

Unfortunately I'm out of excuses.

I'm gonna hide out in the bathroom for like 30 minutes after lunch to make up for this bullshit.

I'm with onepunch on this one. I do the exact same thing during break. 


Boss cancelled.

Would have rather got it over with.

Boss is waiting for tomorrow so he can fire you on a Friday.

If at any point during the meal he starts talking about how "unfortunately the company isn't doing so well", just know that the rest of your day is going to be spent packing your stuff while coworkers avoid eye contact with you, or feign sorrow that you're leaving. These are the same coworkers that will be going through your desk before you've left the parking lot, looking for any scraps they can pilfer for themselves

Just get it over with, it won't be as bad as your making it out to be.

What sicko said.

No good can come of this.

crap your pants at 1130


he wont want you in his car

he will understand you need to go clean up and get new pants

he will not want to sit with you even after you've cleaned up


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This Boss you speak of happen to be a Man named Spottswoode?

I learned the hard way years ago that coworkers are not neccesarily your friends.