Boston Open

Anyone competing in Boston Open and needs a place to train we're at Beacon Hill Athletic Club(Combat Sports Boston)261 Friend st. directly across from the Fleet Center.If you need a room there is Holiday inn 5 seconds from our front door and a Hostel 30 seconds away.If you need help get in touch here i'll see what we can do!

That's cool, who's the instructor? Phone Post

GB bb Phil Myers.Checkout was the instructor at GB Boston for 5-6 yrs he's well known locally!

I am planning on coming from Edmonton, Canada to compete and would really appreciate some last minute training.

Is there a website for your school so I can get the schedule and also how far away is the holiday inn you mentioned from where the competition takes place?

Thanks again

Dipset the Holiday is literally 5 seconds away.Both are on Friend st;there is a hostel 30 seconds away!For the tourney its Bjj everynight at 6 except wed that is no gi!Call617 724 2422.