Who uses one of these? What are your favorite drills?

I'm thinking about buying some of the advanced videos for it, any recommendations?

I found out about the bosu from my physical therapist while rehabing a back injury over the summer. One of the best pieces of equiptment ever.


I use the Bosu with both my clients and in my own workouts. Frankly, one of the best pieces of equipment I've found to augment good lifts. Some of the ways I use it:

1. Speed squats at body weight. Doing four sets of 20-25 of these at the end of a leg workout has my thighs singing Ave Maria. Another way to use them is to giant set them with lunges or squats (8-10 squats with weight, followed by 12-15 BOSU squats at body weight).

2. Pushups. I love to use this exercise for pushups. Flip the BOSU over, so that the dome is down, and do pushups. The stabilization requirements are awesome. I also feel better doing ballistic ("clapping" or explosive) pushups because the dome absorbs some of the shock of impact on the come down. For the ultimate in burn, I do a ballistic, twisting BOSU pushups. Starting with my hands at 10 and 4, I do a ballistic pushups, and in the air, turn my hands so I'm now at 7 and 2. Talk about intense! Again, I love to also use this in conjunction with other exercises to burn out. My favorite pair is a Cybex (or Hammerstrength) incline press, followed by BOSU pushups, usually in a 10/10 pairing.

3. Balance. Great balance tool. Even just doing regular exercises (lateral raises, etc) on it standing on one foot makes a great balance exercise.

4. Abs. Better than the FitBall, mainly because of the variety you can do. Crunches, leg lifts, supine bicycle, frog kicks, all can be done on a BOSU with an added intensity.

Hope this helps man. Definitely if you get a chance, check out some of the videos.