Both Mayhem and Bisping Look Bad

Is it just me or do both fighters look bad?

 They look absolutely awful. Gassed after one round, absolutely terrible standup. After those excellent TUF guys it's particular embarassing, and as a supposed title contender decider, it's downright shameful. 

 This is an embarassment of a fight

It looks like MMA's version of a NCAA Division II football game.

mayhem gassed.... ugh

Yeah both look terrible.

Yup. Mayhem just looks that much worse. Phone Post

 Bisping looking better now.

there's no way miller's cardio lasts another 3 rounds

Even Bisping needed help off the mat at the end of round 2.

Damn, glad I didnt pay for this.

LMAO@"I want Anderson Silva. I match up pretty well against him."

Miller is ready to go, but Bisping doesn't have the power to put him away.

Mayhem does not belong in the UFC.

Is there a way both fighters could lose this fight? This fight should count as a loss to both guys.

LMAO!!! 600 punches and STILL can't KO someone. Someone that isn't even top 20.

This is so bad to watch uuuugh Phone Post

Vincanni - Yeah both look terrible.

. Phone Post

Worst fight on the card

This could have been the worst main event fight ever if not at least top 3

Mayhem looked absolutely terrible. Bisping didn't look the best either.