Bought 100 Proof Vodka: How do you Drink This Stuff?!?

Jebus, poured me 2 doubles, ice cold, then chased it w fruit punch.

Damn that’s strong, just glad I didn’t throw up.

Been nursing these 4 shots for 2 hours now.

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It’s 40% vs 50%. Not that big a difference.


Cuz I still have a whole bottle.

Didn’t think it’d be that diff from regular…


I cut it w a BUNCH of water, and chased it w OJ.

If I didn’t have OJ, I don’t think id get it down.

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you must be young. you’ll learn.

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It’s like the really hot Chilis. Chili and drink that strong is for men with self esteem issues and small dicks to attempt to prove they’re manly, there is no enjoyment in it, just bravado


I’d do shots of everclear so ur a bitch

Getting drunk is paramount. I don’t enjoy any other aspect.

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That’s why I got the bottle.

Shit is brutal tho.

There is a massive difference.



If it doesn’t burn it doesn’t earn

*I drank everclear in 8th grade at 7 in the morning, right before first period PE.
Ran my best country mile.


When I was in HS my friends & I would mix everclear with Gatorade or juice. We figured it was the best to drink the least & get drunk. We were stupid. Still are.


Why not just make an actual drink that contains vodka? Shots of vodka chased by fruit punch makes it sound like you slept over a single mom’s house and after she fell asleep you got into her vodka and her kid’s fruit punch.

Personally just not a big vodka fan. For some reason, people moving to the drinking themselves to death level of drinking gravitate to vodka.


Hoping OP kills himself by poisoning or misadventure before he hurts the few unfortunate deluded souls that may still care for him, ah who am I kidding hes alone so hopefully the fire department finds him in 2 years when hes a puddle seeped into the foundations of his section 8 housing

Nobody tell this man about absinthe!

Tried it. Vomited. Very licorice taste.

Apparently anyone who drinks it straight does.

Absente Absinthe Refined (750 ML)

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Race baiting InferiorMan feels some typa way cuz he said his momma was a whore and lied to him, and I told him it wasn’t his fault…


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Well, what OG’er hasn’t been there…

“The Fruit Punch or the Pedialyte”

Fruit Punch now…Pedialyte tomorrow.

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Hahaha I’ve never vommed but always had to conciously keep it down. That stuff is legit.

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We called that swamp juice. Gets you smashed and stay hydrated.

I remember some fun weekends at my buddies bachelor pad before the rest of us had our own place.

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