Bought 40 Acres in Sonora Desert

Yeah. Not so much. Hot as hell is hot as hell. We live in South Florida already, and it routinely hits 100 here. I don’t enjoy the over 100 degree heat, so we plan to get a Camper when we are out there. We can drive over to the CA coast and stay in the camper for a month or more at a time if we want to. There are some really awesome places out there. We also have a really close friend who has about 1000 acres in the OR mountains. We may buy an acre from him and put a small cabin on it several years from now. That gives us options to avoid the heat. That same buddy may want to come and stay with us in AZ if they get a particularly rough winter where he is. It’ll work out nicely.


Considered that, but we need to do a bit of work in the next year or two first. We need to spend some time walking the land and decide exactly where we want to build the first building as well as where we want to build our eventual home. Then, we need to dig the well and set it up with a small solar system to make that happen before we build a structure out there.

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What is something like that worth you hillbilly

Congrats on the purchase Gutty. Good job setting up your family for years to come!

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Things being as they are, I don’t think there’s really any other way. We need to own the land because we may all end up having to go back to subsistence farming at this rate. With the devaluation of the dollar, and the increase in the cost of living, things are going to be very tough the next few decades.


$80k!?! I was quickly scanning through the thread and when you said 38/39 acre, I thought you meant $38k-$39k per acre. I was interested in it at that price, at $80k for 38 acres I’m going to look into other such opportunities to start setting up my retirement plans

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Send me your contact info. If you want me to, I’ll hook you up with the realtor who did our deal for us. The guy has properties all over AZ. Some are just land like mine, and some have luxury homes already built on them. Depends on what your financial situation is.

Welcome from your new neighbor!



thats a fookin good deal if I ever heard one.

congrats man.


Yes it is.

Do you work from home?

Yes. I’m a Professor and a Research Scientist.

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oh shiiiit this the beginning of a horror movie

you gonna battle the Wendigo ma naga

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I love urban legends, cryptids, etc. this might be a whole lot of fun. In addition to an enormous amount of hard work.

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Can’t wait to visit you at the Trouser Snake Ranch!


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Yes. Except I’m bald and can’t dance…

Congrats on the landing the land. 250-400 feet to get to water for the well is pretty deep. But maybe that’s normal for out there. 100 feet laid out horizontally seems like a really short distance, then when you see what it’s like as a vertical distance and it’s like WHOAH. Being able to see the Milky Way at night sounds awesome.