Bought a Mattress Lately?

Me when my mattress arrives:

Purple brand mattress.

Holy fuck it is amazing.

Used to get shoulder and hip pains…no more.

Tried a saatva, ended up returning it after a couple months. It was nice at first but both the wife and I kept waking up with back pain. Full refund and they sent someone right away to come get it. Great service and a full year trial period. Tried another bed in the mail brand( can’t recall the name of that one) and and didn’t care for that one either, but that company couldn’t get someone to come pick it up in a timely manner, so we got to donate it to a local community member or shelter. Free mattress for the in-laws, we still got the full refund. Went and bought a tempurpedic with an adjustable base and am finally satisfied. Went from 5 hours of shitty sleep to 7 hours of restfully sleeping. The adjustable base was a game changer for me.

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The wife and i recently got rid of our waterbed.

We found we were drifting apart…

Ill see myself out

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Who knew buying a mattress would be so hard. There are so many options. Pocket sprung, coil spring, memory foam, different gauges, different stiffness, rotatable, turn-able.

I went through multiple stores, tried multiple mattresses. Found the one I liked. Ordered, waited a month, it arrived today and it has a fucking rip on the side. FUCK! Now I have to deal with a replacement and who knows how this company will behave.



I got the pillow and i like it a lot. How far do you sink? Pillow is heavy and unwieldy. How was moving that mattress?

Bump for Purple mattress info. Or any similar style mattress. Looking to spend like $1500. Side sleeper and it takes me forever to get comfortable and fall asleep in my current bed.

My best sleep happens in Vegas each year and I’m thinking about looking at the hotel models as well.

I’ve had a Purple for a couple years and hate it. Exclusive side sleeper on the thick, solid, and tight side. Shoulders are always uncomfortable. Mine is the OG model. You’d have to get a Premier 4 to have the support you’d be looking for Id imagine. Downside is that bed is 200+lbs.

I’ll be getting a Tempur-pedic LUXEbreeze King with the adjustable smart base in the future.