Bought A PS3 Last Night

Hi, i'm new to the gamer ground, but it seems like I may be spending some time over here now that I have this new toy.

I haven't unboxed the thing yet. What do I need to know before I get going? What games do I buy? Can't I just download games off of newsgroups?

Call of Duty 4
Rock Band

Those will give you a good start.

GTA IV comes out in a little over a week too.

Thomas Hamilton - What games movies do I buy?

Fixed. Oh snap!

Can't I just download games off of newsgroups?

Nope, it's not hacked yet and blu-ray media is still too expensive to make it worthwhile.

orcus - "What games movies do I buy?"




Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Metal Gear Solid 4 coming in a couple of months.

MGS series can also be looked at as a movie as well. I spend most of my time watching efing movie scenes. I friggin HATE that game.

COD 4 and Rock Band is a must, imo!

They really should have a separate Blurayground for the PS3.

I wouldn't buy Uncharted, rent it.

Great game though

So, pretty much the must play games for the PS3 are out on the xbox360?

No, Uncharted and Gran Turismo are must plays to me. Uncharted is a great game, just not worth buying because you can get through it in a weekend if you want to. If you like taking your time and looking at the flowers and stuff then it might be worth a buy.

Probably the lousier games graphics wise are the multi-console ones from what I've played so far.

I'm looking forward to MGS4, Killzone 2, maybe Resistance 2, but I didn't really get into the first one although I only played the demo.

Other than that Rock Band and CoD4 are definitely popular, I've only played CoD4 on the computer and I traded it in after I finished it and tried the online which I thought sucked. Rock Band I still play, probably once or twice a week, and whenever we get people over, it's a great game.

Alot of PS3 people have a boner for Home, but I don't see it being all that entertaining, it's more like a launching area. I don't use my PS3 for socializing, just playing games and watching movies so I'm not geeked up for the Home thing.

Little Big Planet sounds kind of intersting, but it could easily go either way. It's one I'll wait to read reviews on.

Uncharted is just an overrated Tomb Raider knock off. Definately a rental. Lair is one of the worst games I ever played. Stick with the ones you know. KneebarKing's list is a good one

Kai Tremeche - So, pretty much the must play games for the PS3 are out on the xbox360?


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Kai Tremeche - So, pretty much the must play games for the PS3 are out on the xbox360?


Certainly not. Too many 360 trolls around this place.