Bought an Apple Watch For Fitness Tracking. TME.

I know. I'm a fruit. Moving on now... TME. Phone Post 3.0

The heart rate monitor works better if you insert the watch in your anus

Make sure your boyfriend uses lube for the first couple times Phone Post 3.0

Back to the crossfit gym you homo.

Wise purchase. Apple watch is fantastic.

Entreri - Wise purchase. Apple watch is fantastic.
I've been using it for a few days now and I really love it. It is versatile, looks nice, and gives me a ton of health metrics. As I am a researcher, the statistical information available to me is truly intriguing. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think an Apple is suited for housing the intervals of a wrist watch, not when you consider the natural longevity of the fruit.

Have you considered putting a HR monitor on a banana and then sticking it up your ass ? It's a great way to check your resting HR and fill your belly with some nutrition in the morning. Phone Post 3.0

checkuroil - Make sure your boyfriend uses lube for the first couple times Phone Post 3.0

I wish someone had given me this advice.

Sorry to be the asshole who says it, but it needs to be said. Take it back if you still can. I'm not commenting on the watch itself, because I don't know much about it. But I do know that you should never get a first generation Apple product. Wait for the second gen, it'll have all the stuff they wanted to have in the first but couldn't make it work. It'll probably be thinner, and at the same price point as the original. Also, with all the other health related wearable products, I'd expect it to better compete with more health related sensors, and maybe some new health related software app (or the sensors allowing new apps that do more to be developed)