Bought an Ukulele

I got my oldest (step) son an Uke for Xmas. He's got one at his dad's house, but he's not allowed to bring it over, and the stepbrothers have broken all the strings and now it's a tree ornament.

It's all wrapped up so I can't give specifics on it, but the guy at the music store said it was his favorite, even over the one's that were twice as expensive. It handle's pretty nicely and has a good sound.

Anyway, anyone familiar with learning the Uke? Online stuff? I think I'm more excited than he is to open his any tips will cough be beneficial for all of us. ;)


P.S. Ali, if you're reading this, call me. I have some questions for you.

Scrap -- just read it (Tues nite, too late). I'm travelling starting Thurs, only briefly, but have my cell. I'll try to get you.... will be home on Tues.

I wish it was recorded in some more easily accessible format, but there's a ukulele "prayer for George W." that I have as intro to a seminar... would love for you to hear it.

Awesome man. My phone got thrown in the washing machine the other day and I won't be able to get a replacement until after Christmas. Give me a call later on during the week.