Boulder Pan-am congrat'z thread

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Boulder, CO represented well at the 2005 Pan-Am's:

Amal Easton: Gold (masters mediumheavy Blackbelt)
Eliot Marshall: Gold (superheavy Brown)
Nick Kiline Gold (heavy Brown)
Andrew Dudderer: Silver (superheavy Blue)

Tessa McMahon: Gold (womens SuperFeather Purple/Brown/Black) a purple!
Sarah Andersch: Gold (Womens SuperFeather Blue)

Sarah and Tessa also brought home the BEST WOMENS TEAM award

Great job!!!!

Congrats to Amal and Boulder BJJ.

Will H.

Bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick and Eliots first Pan Ams as Browns, no?

yes, they both won as purples too...

as well as Tessa won last year at blue

All I can say is, those guys are awsome.
Super talented bunch there.




good job guys ! Right on tessa ,excellent! Anyone know how
finney did? By the way i'm pretty sure boulder is still in the south



Um seeing that boulder is 4 hours directly north
ah fuck it why are we arguing about this. Amal is
from New Mexico anyway. West not mid west by the
way of Santa Fe,Sure, whatever