Bound for Glory

 anyone find it yet?

post or pm please, if I find it I will do the same


great first match-very entertaining

 I think Christopher Daniels just broke his neck. That was one of worst bumps I ever seen. God I hope he is alright

Savage, MMA mail.

the ultimate x match was a good way to start off the ppv, nothing wrong with a good spotfest

tag team match was good-much better than I thought it would be

 lmao at foley/abyss match. The ref fucking up the 3 count

they did mess up the three count in the abyss/foley match-

I really liked when Abyss put Daffney through the barbed wire board

 i dont think that was planned ending for the sting/aj match. I think aj hurt his neck.

That was kinda cheezy with Sting's speech at the end, but it was also kinda cool.

ArtV -  Sting claimed to not be pulling a Farve, but I don't see how he didn't.

Funny he would even say something like that and then say:

"I don't know"

Favre retired then unretired and came back multiple times.

Sting hasn't retired yet.

 big thanks WaltJ

great show, Ultimate X I watched on a bad stream at p2p, but damn it was a good one.

I loved the World Elite going over, the tag ladder match was great, Angle Morgan was perfect, same for Foley Abyss, Sting and AJ was good but short, may be right about AJ hurting his neck, what happened to Book?

 hes leaving tna on bad terms so they gave him the wwe treament.

 so that tara incident was with kim couture. what a joke. I cant believe tna signed kim couture.

Former WWE stars Brian Kendrick and Chuck Palumbo were backstage at TNA Bound For Glory.

Harvey Levin from was also at the show.

Former WWE Diva Lena Yada was backstage visiting. Kristal Marshall (Bobby Lashley's wife) was also at the show.

Plus RVD.

 Daniels separated his shoulder and got a bruised neck from last night's insane bump. Thank god it wasnt worse.