Bout to watch GOT S3

Don't have anything to do today, I skipped out on Season 3 for the past 4 months just so I could watch it in sequential order...partly due to the fact that I'm a fucking faggot, And I enjoy being one. I read the books, so I know what happens...


I need to do this also. It's a pain trying avoid the spoiler shit floating around.

^ all ready read all the books, expected the red wedding - tell you the truth though, it still did fucking suck.

my worthless opinion on S3

- it was fucking awesome

- Dragons and other cool magic shit...which is always cool

- dude that plays as the Bastard of Bolton is fucking great

- Tyrion is by far the best character on the show (followed by Davos and Jaime IMO), he was hilarious at his wedding 

- siege of Yunkai was cool as fuck...second sons are pretty badass, dude that plays as Naharis was pretty good

- Dany chick is a 10

- Hound is a beast

- can't wait until Victarion Greyjoy enters the mix, shit gon' be interesting den homies