Bow and Arrow Choke Defense??

What is your best defense / escape. I do realize it is easier to prevent the choke then defend but what is your strategy on defending when someone is starting the technique.

A lot of guys regularly use this technique from the back.

Some Pics:

I know I want to comb my hair b4 he starts reaching for my leg but honestly once I'm trapped in it by one of my instructors I feel screwed. I'll start working on the defense soon.

Combing the hair....

this would most likely be a defense to any lapel attack from the back,

really looking for a move specific strategy.

I personally switch to the two-one-grip on the gi sleeve (near-arm-elbow/far-arm-wrist) to delay the choke to at least defend from my strong defensive side(choking arm on top)

To get rid of the choke early, but once he's got a hold of you leg, I don't know yet, it's a strong choke once it's gotten that far.

Control the arm before he goes for your leg. Normally people switch to this when they can't get the standard choke so don't just block the bottom hand, control it.

that exactly how i usually defend it....

but against real good players, i eventually get choked.

Rylan! Wassup man. This is Wayne, I'm still driving down to Corvalis from Salem. Lol, I was just asking about the Bow and Arrow choke and what it was?

Now that you showed pics, I realized it is the same choke I learned from watching you use it. I still use the Half Butterfly Guard you showed me and have been sweeping big guys with it.

Wayne, great to hear from you man. I hope life is treating you and your family well.

I am glad you like that butterfly half-guard, I'm still using it from time to time.

"Still driving down from salem"-good to hear.... you guys have a great atmosphere at the Oregon Pound Gym, just kept training and keep improving.

Shoot me an email some time, so I keep in touch with you guys.

if the opponent doesn't drop his elbow of his choking hand, SOMETIMES, you can pass his arm over your head.

You have to look into the choke (something not typically recommended) i.e. to the side where he is grabbing my leg. if you have control of his forearm and elbow, you can use that to pass over your head. you'll probably be mounted or under sidecontrol when you get out, but your not tapped.

i think the best thing is just not get into it but if you do, that has saved me a few times.


I'm doing well Rylan. I'll drop you an email soon.

You were a big influence in creating the atmosphere at the Pound. I wasn't there before you but I assume you set the tone of how we train. Everyone rolls relaxed and technical. The schools tournament results in gi and no gi prove it works.