Bow and Arrow Choke?

The OnTheMat IGJJF Report mentions the Bow and Arrow choke from the back. Can someone explain what this is?
Or better yet a link to a picture of it?

I would guess that it is the standard gi choke from the back, your hands are kind of like pulling back a bow (though I could be very wrong)

With the hooks in, of course. (I think this is the bow and arrow choke).

I have the back, both hook in. Your left arm is over your opponents left shoulder, pulling his right lapel across the neck. You right hang is grabbing the pants on your opponents right leg. You then lean back. This pulls the lapel and the leg behind his. It looks like a bow and arrow.

You are probably right. Its the choke Saulo shows on his series.

I'm honestly so many people didn't know what it is. It's like my favorite move now days. (Guys around the academy call it the Gumby choke I use it so much)

You sort of have your opponent in half back, half side control. One hand is gripping the near collar, however the grip is behind the head. The other grip can grab the pants leg (although I prefer hugging the leg and grabbing my own collar so i can transition to a knee bar if for some reason the choke doesn't work). The far leg (towards your opponent's legs) is across at belt level, the near leg is behind the back and preferable pushing down on the opposite shoulder. Pull straight and lean towards the leg to complete the choke. The end result is your opponent looks like the bow and you look like the arrow.

I do this choke a lot, just didnt know it was called a bow and arrow.

Looks like I've got something to put in the OTM Wiki

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What other chokes do people know about or want described? If I use these terms do people know what I'm talking about?

Bow and Arrow Choke

Front Lapel Choke

Cross Collar Choke

Baseball Bat Choke

Clock Choke

Rear Naked Choke

LAPD Choke

Head and Arm Choke

Triangle Choke


Ezekiel Choke

Loop Choke

Darce Choke

Marce Choke

Brabo Choke


I dont know what LAPD and Marce chokes refer to.

LAPD- short choke from the rear across the windpipe.

Marce- Variation of the Darce choke. There's a few more I can't remember right now. The Darce was given it's name when Joe D'Arce visited Cobra Kai and caught a ton of people he rolled with this choke. Laimon began calling it the Darce choke and the name stuck. Truth it, Joe doesn't even take credit for the choke, that goes to Danaher who has several variations of the choke called the Marce and a few other names I can't remember.

Gumby, LAPD like the dan severn, but with the forearm?

Thanks, man.

Andre- Yup.

Cool, thanks Gumby.

OK, I use that (bow & arrow) never heard it called that. I use it when I am going for the standard choke from the back but can't get the second hand in, the person thinks you are switching to an armbar so forgets to defend the choke

Executioner Choke- Like a RNC but from a front head lock position or you can catch it at anytime that you would catch a Darce Choke.

I think I have an idea of what the Bow and Arrow Choke is now, but can someone post a pic of it?

Forgot the Guillotine, the 5 and 10 finger variations, the front headlock choke ala Carlos Newton V Pat Militech, Saulo has a nice set up for that on one of his gi-less DVD's.
There's the anaconda choke too. The Desouza. The paper cutter choke. The C Clamp, Leo Viera finished with it back in a Pan-ams gi-less. And does anyone know what Galvao choked Nino out with in this years Mundial?

Gumby, I'd like to see descriptions of a good number of those chokes, along with pictures/diagrams!