Bow Hunters Must Read

If you cannot kill it with confidence don't shoot.  We found this deer, well whats left of it with a broadhead in its guts.  Next time shoot better.

That is sad. Myself if I do not make a good hit I will track and stalk for days if need be to find my deer.

We found out it was my neighbor that shot it.  He said he tracked it for a day.  From where we found it to where he shot it is about a mile and a half to 2 miles.  fucking gut shots.

I have a rack that someone made a bad shot on, and I really don't understand why people choose not to wait for the best shot they can get.

could have taken some shots the last time I was out but I'd rather not get a deer than just wound one. I was watching a show and the hunters were talking about how new compound bows can shoot to around 100 question is why would you care to try to shoot 100 yards with a bow? you shouldn't ever try to take a shot like least I know where I hunt you can't take shots like that(tons of brush and fairly heavily wooded)

not just bowhunters!

In my expereince gun season is much worse because while most bowhunters are out in the woods for a big part of the season and they shoot at close range, Gun hunters go hunting just a few times a year and make very poor shots!!

This year I found a 4 pt. buck shot in the ass lying down in the woods. (I was checking out the woods and fields before I was going to let the horses back out because we're afreid stupid hunters might shoot them!)

last year we found a deer that had been shot then got its legs knocked off by a train

tenderizes the meat, imo.

lol it was mostly used for hamburger

btw: I found out what happened to the buck I found. Last week an elderly neighbor passed away and I attended his visiting hours where I talked to many people from the local community. While here I spoke with a guy who mentioned he was hunting on a neighboring farm. He says he shot a deer but then realized it was heading into the deep brush/thicket and he knew he was not in good enough physical shape to retrieve it.

This bothered me and I let him know how I felt about it and that next time he should be more careful if he can't get his fat ass around well enough to get his kill!

that story makes me sick.  I know I am not inthe best physical shape but damn.

what? out of shape hunters?

more die from heart attacks than bullets in Michigan. falling out of the stand is 2nd.


 (I was checking out the woods and fields before I was going to let the horses back out because we're afreid stupid hunters might shoot them!)  

here in Southern Illinois,we have to basically hide the horses and the cows when the newby Northern hunters come down,a buddy of mine has lost two horses the exact same way.

I find shooting  a horse a good thing.

it's not if your looking for antlers on it afterwords

if you can't tell the difference between a horse and a deer you need to be killed.  I heard a story of a guy that was having his cows shot by hunters so he painted a big target on their sides.  He went out the next day and one was dead.  It wss shot right in the bullseye.