Bowflex, Crossbow, Power Flex??

K, I know free weights are the way to go for most people, but I have no room for that. I need a machine that will fold up and out of the way. I am also looking to use it for general conditioning purposes, circuit training type of stuff, rehab after being laid up for 8 weeks with a busted right leg, etc... I have narrowed it down based on size and budget constraints to the Bowflex Sport, Crossbow Max, or Gold's Gym Power Flex. Just wanted to know if anyone here had personal experience with any of these machines and could give me some feedback and/or comparisons.

Thanks y'all.

If you are really concerned about cash and space conservation AND are interested in GPP and Circut Training - look no further than

Mod. 1 is a can't miss product.

I tried a bowflex, borrowed my sister's when i was in an apartment that was too small for weights. My opinion - don't waste your money on a bowflex. I was able to get a much better workout with Mod. 1.

I can not comment on any of the other products, I never used them.

Thanks for the heads up, checking it out now. The real bummer is I still canot do much of anything that puts additional stress on my leg for another 2 months or so. It sucks to the highest degree. Right now walking without a brace on it is a major accomplishment and wears me out. But this stuff by scrapper looks great. Thanks again.

There was a major recall of Bowflex products recently.

I wouldn't spend the money on them.  Clubbells are way better.

I wouldn't waste my money on them. Get a garbage pail, a few 50lb bags of sand, and a duffel bag. simulate whatever iron lifting techniques with the sand. Store the sand and bags in the garbage pail in a closet. or don't even get the pail and just toss them on the closet floor.

Look into wiggy, scrapper, crossfit, for ideas on using bodyweight exercises and the sandbag stuff. between them, you should end up with a more useful physique and be in better condition than 90% of people paying tons in a gym.

"I need a machine that will fold up and out of the way."

You already have one of those machines, you are walking around in it right now. It is on of the most productive and perfect machines ever created.

Don't buy some fag-rig just to help some dickwad buy his gymbimbo new tits.

 From what I have seen the bowflex is the better of these. I tried the crossbow in a store,,,,and it didnt feel good at all. Never tried the powerflex. However, there are some people I know that have the bowflex and they love it. Yea, they used to lift weights as well, but this gives them an excellent workout too. Dont listen to other people. Check it out for yourself.

Get a Concept2 rower and a doorway chinning bar,
a 52 lbs. kettlebell, and some Lifeline chest expander cables and you will be good to go for quite a while.

A sandbag + scrappers workouts would be the cheapest way to go.

the biggest problem with any of these machines, is the cost for what you are getting. if a bowflex was 100 dollars it would be worth it. but for over 1000, there are alot more cost effective things to do and not even come close to that amount, even without buying hundreds of pounds of weights.

I agree with pumkinpuss.  If you really wanna get one of those machines, look in in the classified adds or go to garage sales.  You could prolly get a $1000 machine for $100 that still works fine.

I had the chance to use a bowflex for 3 workouts at a friend's house. I was not happy with it. It was akward to get into position for several of the lifts and the power rods were sort of goofy to load. They would sort of twist up. My friend likes it though. He is really intimidated by the gym. He has only lifted for 2 years and he has only used the bowflex. I think you can get a good workout on the machine though. As far as the price issue, he got his on ebay for 300 dollars. It was one year old. Some guy was using it as a clothes hanger and sold it cheap. In summary, I would say skip the bowflex and get some freeweights and a bench.

Clydeus Maximus,
I was in the same predicament last spring when I dislocated my left knee. It's fine now, but I was on crutches for about three weeks and couldn't do anything with weights for about 4 months. Even using dumbbells for my upper body was a pain because I had to carry them over to the bench or wherever I needed to go. After a while, I ditched the gym and just focused exclusively on the rings for the duration of the time. I ended up getting a lot stronger than I ever would have gotten in the gym. I worked up to an iron cross and actually became better on rings than most of the guys in my gymnastics club.
They will take up a lot less space than the Bowflex or similar machines and are about 1/15th the cost. You will get stronger training on rings anyways.
If you want, you can send me an e-mail at and I will send you a link to my site and help you figure out what to do while you are recovery from your leg injury. If you choose not to go this route, that is cool too. When your leg heals up, sandbags, Scrapper, kettlebells and clubbells will all be great training options.


get the crossbow.....i bought one 2 years ago and it still works great and was only like 700.00.....very good for chest, back and shoulders.....leaves a bit to be desired with legs is perfect for when you don't have alot of time and you want to pound out some quick reps.....the thing is you need the heavy metal of real weights if you want to put on size....if you are looking for strength and/or endurance the crossbow is good stuff