Bowflex for strength training?

I am looking to improve my strenght a little bit.

Not looking to be a bodybuilder, just to tone my muscles a bit. I was looking at a Smith machine first, but I was interested by a machine w/ a wider range of exercises snd a little bit smaller.

I like free weights, but my wife never used free weights before. She suggested me to look at the Bowflex machine. Costco has a pretty good deal right now.

Has any of you used a Bowflex? Do you own one? What your experience w/ it?

I am not really a big guy, 170lbs so I am looking at bench pressing 450lbs. Just looking at toning and built a overall good functioning strenght. To picture this, I am looking at building a fit physique ala Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Your thoughts?

Bowflex is an awesome tool. The most important thing to think about IMO is if it fits your budget.

go here for some solid reviews of Bowflex products:


I think his bench number was typo...I think he was saying he was not looking to bench 450 (just guessing by the flow of the sentences).

Total gyms (unless boght used) are not that cheap for what you get. They are much more limited in the levels of resistance that they offer as well.

Joining a CF place could be an effective alternative. I am confident that if one were to train smart on a bowflex they could get in just as good shape as in following a CF plan.

Do what fits your budget and lifestyle best.


Thanks Taku for the good advice.


It was a typo. Not looking to bench press 450lbs.

Not only looking for look, but functional strenght as well.

Short term goal to drop from 170lbs to 155lbs in 3 months.
Long term goal is to maintain being at 155lbs, to decrease my bodyfat to around 11%.

I would prefer to have a home gym rather than go to a crossfit facility since the closest one is about 20 miles away.

Budget would be around $2000-$3000. I am more concerned by the space it will take.

You can buy a barbell for a lot less than 2 grand. Heck, you can use the money left over to hire a personal trainer to teach you and your wife how to lift.